Thursday, August 3, 2017

New original mini painting at Sally Centigrade Art Gallery in Lakewood, CO

Hi my dear friends,
I'm very happy to have a miniature oil painting in the "Funny Size" show at Sally centigrade Gallery in Lakewood Colorado.
The show is curated by the amazing Sarah Ellen Banks aka Pink Sugar Fueled :) and it features tiny and affordable lovely mini paintings!
Here's is my "Amelie" in her tiny hand painted frame. Oil on canvas mounted on board, 3.5"x4.5"
For info and inquiries contact
Thank you!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pictures from Simona Candini Solo show at Wrong Gallery Taipei

Hi my lovelies,
I finally had the chance to organize my pc and pictures, and I realized that I haven't yet shared with you all the pictures from my past solo show at Wrong Gallery Taipei!
The artworks almost sold out locally at the opening in Taiwan so I'm very happy!
As you can see I've also hand painted all the frames <3
I'm starting soon a new series of heroines... I'd love to have some suggestions from you: which should I paint next? <3

p.s. Prints of all of the artworks are in my Etsy shop at this link. 

New prints listed in Simona Candini Art Etsy Shop!

Hello my dearests,
I've just added three new prints in my Etsy shop. Some prints are available in two sizes! <3

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Simona Candini Art Solo show At Alexi Era Gallery June 22

Hi My Loves,
I'm very pleased to announce my solo show with Alexi Era Gallery, (Eugene, Oregon)
The title is "UnderWater" and it's all about the deep ocean realm. But an unusual one! It's like the whole world has been submerged by the waters...You'll see beautiful mermaids floating in Rome, in front of the famous Trevi Fountain, or in Moscow, by the colorful Saint Basil Cathedral... mermaids playing with the Pisa tower, taking teir merpoodles for a walk. Merkitties and narwhals will also populate the magical scenery in a dreamy atmosphere made of pastel raimbow colors. The frames will be extra special, I like to call these "mer-frames"  :)
For sneak peeks and work in progress check out my instagram @simonacandini

The show will open on June 22 until July 17.
For info and preview please contact info(at)
Thank you!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New prints just listed in Simona Candini Art Etsy shop!

Hi All :) I hope you are enjoyng the spring and the sun!
We had some rainy days here in Bologna, but finally it looks like that the sun is back.
I do love rain actually, but I love spring for the fact that the days are getting longer again and the sun sets later. Even though I function better during the evening/night hours and I get more productive and awake, I also love the sun and the energy that it radiates. ^__^

Anyhow...I've just listed in my Etsy shop some new prints here. Check them out!  The originals are all sold and a part of private collections. I'm so thankful to have such awesome collectors and supporters. Thank you all for loving my art <3 It is thanks to you that I can keep creating!

Much Love

Sunday, May 7, 2017


It was a Moleskine kind of night....
you know... these nights you can't sleep and all your ghosts come to pay a long visit to you.

I had to stop painting for my new commission and let the pencil guide me.

Drawing without thinking can be so much therapeutic.

"You Are Not Alone"
8"x10" Graphite on Moleskine Paper
Storyteller series

Up for adoption on my Etsy shop here

Sunday, April 30, 2017

NEW ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING AVAILABLE + NEW! Merchandise on Redbubble * Modified Watches+ NEW Website

Hi everyone!
I've been so busy lately and couldn't update my blog/newsletter as often as usual, so in this post I'm going to present a little recap of the latest news. So... Ready? :)
Ok... first of all I've just completed a new original oil painting on canvas for the show at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego CA! The show is titled "Venus" and it's an all women exhibition.
I've created this beautiful hand painted frame and I've applied pearls and beads onto it and it's so lovely and matching the artwork in the perfect way like I wanted.
The painting features a lovely purple haired mermaid, dressed with a fancy embroidered dress, and sitting on a carousel unicorn seahorse, floating in the sky. The mermaid is holding a Venice "Gondola" boat in which there's a lucky boy who has just been rescued from a giant octopus by our mermaid, who doesn't look too impressed by him anyway... LOL


More news: I've just opened my Redbubble shop and I'm adding new designs weekly! I'm offering mugs, pillows, clocks, phone cases, tote bags an a lot of other cool items all 100% Redbubble beautiful quality warranted!
Check out CandiniDesigns on redbubble here!

Also, I've had the honour to partner with Modified Watches team to create my own line of watches! I really love these, so many colors and combinations! Check my new watches here at Modify Watches!

Last, but not least for this post, I've a NEW WEBSITE! Yeeeeey! Finally, I had the chance to work on my website and I've created completely a new one! I think it turned out very clear to browse and easy, simple and elegant and I did my best to include most of my works, organized not chronologically, but in themed galleries, to have all my series well organized. As you know I have some series that I've started years ago, but that are ongoing so I thought it was nicer to proceed in this way. I'm accepting any suggestion that can help improve my new website! I still have to add a few things here and there, but I can say that it's pretty much completed. I want to do a giveaway involving my new websites as soon as I will get the chance ^__^ Here's the link

That's all for today my friends!

Have a wonderful week and much love from yours truly! <3